Role of Yoga during pandemic

Role of Yoga during pandemic

Since January 2020 the world is under the threat of pandemic. People are restricted to move around the society. They are continuously living stressful lives. Because of this anxiety is developed in all and it is quite natural for anyone to develop anxiety. The breaking news, the false information, inadequacy of daily resources, everything is enumerating to flourish the anxiety and it later may convert into depression. It can be mentally challenging for us to incarcerate at home for such a long period of time. So, it is a time to understand mental health.

Yoga is beneficial for physical and mental strengthening. Yoga, has become famous and pursued across the world in the last few years because it is found beneficial for body and mind. It helps everyone to keep calm, enhances vitality & lowers the stress.

Effect of Yoga:

Yoga acts as the control of all activities of mind. Its method encompasses disciplines, physical postures, breath control and meditation. Anxiety & Stress are the elements that trigger a sympathetic nervous system causing many health issues such as, blood pressure, breathing issues, mental disturbance, loss of confidence, insomnia, fatigue, and irritability. The posture of Asanas reduces muscle tension, increases flexibility of joints and relaxes a sympathetic system which helps to relax the mind. There are a lot of yoga poses which help us to manage our stress and anxiety. Pranayam which is a part of Yoga which can make a person feel relaxed by its breathing technique.

How Yoga is beneficial in the pandemic?

Pandemic is such critical condition in which we have to stay safe and healthy at home. Those are suffering they have to quarantine for a long period and have to maintain & improve their immunity. There are few forms of chest opening Asanas like Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Tadasana, Chakrasana, few breathing techniques of Pranayama like Anulom Viloma, Bhasrika, Nadi Shodhan, help to expand chest and increase level of oxygen in the body. These processes detoxify the body and improve immune system.

Some ralaxing Asanas like Shavasana, Makarasan, Balasana; Pranayama like Bhramari, Shitali & Sitkari, and meditation, Yoga- Nidra are useful to lower blood pressure, stress level and anxiety.

Yoga might be the answer for all of us who might be wondering what they can do in this pandemic through this stress and live a happier more relaxed life. It gives a direction to life and maintains a balanced between the stressful schedule and healthy lifestyle.  So it is mandatory to adopt Yogic life style.

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